Cougars News · Samantha Boggs~CN Class of 2020~Track and Field

Samantha Boggs is a graduating member of Central Noble’s Class of 2020.  Her parents are Shon Boggs and Kristie Barr.  Samantha has participated in Track and Field in both her Junior and Senior seasons.  Some highlights of her career are a second-place finish in the 400-meter relay and a third-place finish in the long jump against Bethany Christian.  Samantha’s future begins next fall when she enrolls at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana and studies Pre-Medicine.  Her greatest inspiration has been her Great-Grandmother Helen Marie Barr (1930-2012).  Samantha has worked hard both in the classroom and on the track to make her Great-Grandmother proud of the young lady she has become and Samatha misses her so much.

Samantha’s Favorite Quote:

“If there is a will, there will ALWAYS be a way.”

~honoring Great-Grandmother Phillis Born