Cougars News · What Packet Do You Need?

Attention Cougar Athletes and Parents

Please note that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the rules regarding your need for a 2020-2021 IHSAA physical have been waived if you can answer “NO” to the following questions for your son/daughter since their 2019-2020 physical:

  1. Been medically advised not to participate in a sport?

  2. Been diagnosed with COVID-19?

  3. Sustained a concussion, been unconscious or lost memory from a blow to the head?

  4. Fainted or “blacked out?”

  5. Experienced chest pains, shortness of breath, “racing heart” or had any heart issues?

  6. Had a history of unusual fatigue or unusual tiredness?

  7. Been hospitalized or had surgery?

If you can answer “NO” to all of the above questions your child will not need a new physical but you must complete the following 2020-2021 Health History and Consent & Release Certificate Packet.

2020-2021 Health History and Consent & Release Certificate

If you answered “YES” to any of the seven questions above your child will need to receive a 2020-2021 IHSAA Physical which is included in the Vital Forms Packet below.

2020-2021 Vital Forms Packet and IHSAA Physical

Both packets will be available at the Central Noble High School Main Office and at the Central Noble Community Schools Central Office building.

Any questions, please contact David Bremer at or by phone at (260) 636-1421