Cougars News · Varsity Football Ticket Information and Live Stream Link

Attention Cougar Football Fans!

This week we have 250 total tickets for our football game at Prairie Heights.  Tickets will be available to players and cheerleaders only until Friday morning.  After that we will open them up to the student body until the end of the day on Friday.  Tickets will cost $5.00 a piece and must be paid for upon receiving them.  No visiting tickets will be sold at the gate so get yours early.

If you are traveling to the game on Friday, please remember to park in the NORTH parking lot.  This is the lot closest to the softball field and tennis courts.  The south lot will be for Prairie Heights fans only.

This week game will be live streamed by Prairie Heights using the link below.  CN will not be live streaming away events:

Central Noble v. Prairie Heights (9/11/2020)