Cougars News · 7th and 8th Grade Basketball Limitations and Requests at CNES

Attention all 7/8 Grade Basketball Fans

To help us stay under the 25% capacity mark in the Central Noble Elementary Gym we ask that the following restrictions be followed:

Try to limit family groups to 4 or less.  This is not a hard limit but it will allow everyone a fair chance to attend.

7th Grade Parents:  Arrive for a 5:00 start and then depart immediately after the 7th grade game if you do not have a child playing.  This will allow room for incoming 8th grade parents.

8th Grade Parents:  Arrive for a possible 6:00 start and wait outside for fans to start departing before entering the gym.  We will have a 20 minute warm-up between games for sanitation and to allow parents to find a seat.

Please wear face coverings when you are unable to socially distance from people outside of your family group.

Use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of building.

I appreciate your help in this matter and look forward to seeing some great basketball.